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For veterinary clinics administering chemotherapy, Equashield® provides the highest level of protection to enable you to do what you do best; provide optimal care for our companion animals. Handling chemotherapy medications without proper PPE has been linked to both acute and long-term health risks, including cancer.


Short bursts of exposure to hazardous drugs over a long period of time may pose to a long term health risk. Equashield's® easy to use closed system transfer device protects you and your staff from hazardous drug leaks, sprays, or aerosols that can be created during drug preparation, administration, and disposal.


If you are already using a closed system today or are thinking about incorporating a closed system in your veterinary practice, consider Equashield® as it is safe, simple, & closed.


Product details can be found through these links: 


Veterinary Use: http://www.equashield.com/main/veterinary/
How it Works: https://www.equashield.com/how-it-works/
How to Use: https://www.equashield.com/how-to-use/


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